Alphanumeric code | Тренировка, развитие и улучшение памяти

Alphanumeric code

Is the most widespread and most inefficient method. It is described in all solid books on memory development. Its essence in the following: it is necessary to recode figures in letters, letters in words, words in offers, offers in the story. For example, 1 is "and" 2 is "e" 3 - "and". Now from these letters we think out words in which they are initial: a water-melon, a hedgehog, game. Now, to remember a phone number beginning with figures 231..., it is enough to present a picture as the hedgehog plays watermelon...

Complexity of code conversion, keeping of words to all figures (to units, tens, hundreds) in a head already requires in good opportunity to get memories, assiduity, an ox. There are many updatings of this method. If on mastering, for example, a transformation method leaves one-two employment on this it is required not less than ten. Children from a threshold reject such methods. Only few adults choose this method and master it.