After a trauma or brain damage various consequences nejrop-sihologicheskogo character and a version of functional deficiency are usually shown, besides it there are difficulties in memory activity, namely: inability to keep attention, difficulties of perception, speech difficulties and even such emotional problems, as irritability or passivity. Undoubtedly, presence of each of the problems set forth above complicates correct functioning of memory. When inability to remember any information dominates over other aspects it is possible to speak about an amnesia with confidence. Though further it will be a question of different cases of the amnesia caused by the various reasons, it is necessary to distinguish 2 principal views of this condition qualified according to forms of their display, ie retrograde and anterograde an amnesia.

Retrograde an amnesia

At retrograde an amnesia the person cannot recollect the events previous the moment of occurrence of an amnesia. The most typical case: after car accident the person forgets the name, does not learn native and friends, does not know, than he is engaged, where lives. Certainly, it can remember that will occur after failure. Usually this kind of an amnesia is partially reversible, in many cases of its display decrease in the spontaneous image though in some cases professional medical intervention is required.

Anterograde an amnesia

At anterograde an amnesia the person cannot recollect event which occur after amnesia occurrence. There are difficulties with use of operative memory at storing of new data. It is that case when the person clearly and with all details recollects the events which have occurred several years ago, however does not remember, he has eaten or not. The patients suffering from frustration of a similar sort, constantly repeat the same histories connected with their past, thus they are incapable to recollect, that already told them. Actually memory seems incapable to store a new material though that it with ease manipulates data which have been kept earlier is paradoxical. So, suffering from anterograde the person can again and ask an amnesia again the acquaintance as it has a studying of any area of the right as it remembers, that this discipline caused difficulties in its acquaintance. Thus the patient will be in full ignorance of that its acquaintance already became the lawyer and practises within several months. Hence, this kind of an amnesia is more fatal in comparison with retrograde an amnesia. Forecasts for the patient less consolatory, treatment cases are very rare.