Associate a name and face

Each person ever felt confusion when it represented to group of people, and then he realised, that cannot recollect any name. However after the careful analysis of a situation it is possible to make sure, that in most cases it simply did not turn on names of people of due attention represented to it, that is, did not catch a name since the very first moment. Frequently it is possible to be in expectation of a mention of own name or to think what to tell to the person to whom you represent, after acquaintance procedure. Most often meeting reason of that it is difficult to recollect names of people with which have just got acquainted is such.


Hence to solve a problem of forgetting names of people, it is necessary to make special effort to concentrate on storing. When to you represent the stranger, first of all make sure, that have well caught his name and if probably, loudly say it, speaking the following: «Is glad to get acquainted, mister Aaron». Then take advantage of other strategy to give information sense; sometimes it can be simple enough. Wonder about a possible origin of a name of the new acquaintance; in a case with Aaron it is possible to assume, that it - the Jewish origin.

To Spend correct associations well to remember

Any individual associations

Also it is possible to associate a name with individual perception of the person. If you have just got acquainted, for example, with madam Remedios, and it seems to you, that it could become the good chief, welcome it as follows: «Good afternoon, madam Remedios» Also think, that its participation in activity of your company will be good support in the present situation. Nevertheless, this form of simplification of process of remembering operates no more than for 3 or 4 new names simultaneously after carrying out of working meeting, visit or a holiday.

As to try, names of people which it is deprived sense and the association, created by the person, very quickly sate capacity of short-term memory.

Various fancies

It is necessary for Person to know names of people surrounding it as calling someone is increased by name by efficiency of communications. The most useful strategy in the event that does not possible to apply any tactics, association creation between distinctive line of the interlocutor and a fancy is. For example, if distinctive feature Angel Herrero are its hair, the image of an angel with an aura from magnificent hair in the form of a horseshoe can become a fancy. Advantage of this method consists that he allows to create the exclusive associations establishing connection between a name of the person and his face.

To make this method more effective, probably it is necessary to draw mentally the person in the event that corresponding strategy of creation of associations will appear inefficient. The method of creation of associations has appeared very productive, even for the people suffering from organic infringements of a brain. Than more sense it is put in pawn in association, process of remembering will be especially easy.

When to you represent someone:

  • Attentively hear new it
  • Loudly repeat a name, welcoming the new acquaintance
  • Try to create any association or a fancy to establish connection between the concrete person and its name