Cerebrovascular violations

Earlier tserebralno-vaskuljarnye infringements named apoplectic blows. At these infringements there was an interruption of a blood stream in a brain. Consequences were heavy as at reduction oxygen and glucose receipt there is a destruction of cages in brain fabrics.

Tserebralno-vaskuljarnye infringements are subdivided into 3 big groups: thromboses, embolism bleedings.

- The Thrombosis. Results from blood vessel corking. The stopper or a clot is usually formed of blood which is attached to walls of the above-stated vessel, and sometimes even has own walls. Arteriosclerosis, the hypertension or warm insufficiency are the most widespread reasons of occurrence of a thrombosis. Thrombosis development goes gradually, within many days.

- Embolism. Also results from blocking of vessels, but from the external materials introduced on system of arteries. After the arrival to the narrowest blood vessel the blood clot corks it, breaking thereby blood inflow. The blood clot brought on arterial system, can be the ball of air curtailed by a clot of blood, a droplet of fat or the rests of tumoral cages. Usually blood vessel corking occurs suddenly.

- The Bleeding. As a rule, occurs at strong outpouring of blood in a brain. The reasons can be various, though the most widespread - hypertension presence. Other reasons - rupture aneurysms, developmental anomalies arteriovenous systems or skull traumas. Usually intrabrain bleeding happens sudden, and at all levels forecasts very bad.

Deficiency of memory after tserebralno-vaskuljarnyh damages depends on a place where there is an amazed area, and from the size of the caused harm.

At a trauma in the field of a forward brain artery or its branches by the most frequent consequences there will be memory frustration.

However it is in most cases found out, that this deficiency rather insignificant and even temporary. When the trauma is put in the field of an average brain artery, possibility of development of complications in activity of memory is even less, frequently they are shown only in a sharp phase.

And at last when the trauma is put in the field of a back brain artery, possibility of occurrence of problems with activity of memory at the amazed person is very high, moreover, memory frustration will to be accompanied by sight and speech frustration . In case of trauma drawing in area vertebral arteries of infringement of memory will be smaller, than at a trauma in the field of a back brain artery: at the patient time loss of memory will be often observed.

It is important to know, the bleeding is bilateral or unilateral as in the first case forecasts are much worse. Damages of vessels of a bark of a brain promote occurrence of infringements of the memory connected with the hemispherical form of a brain. The damages which are with right or the left-hand side, lead to frustration visual or, accordingly, to verbal memory.