Changed modality

The Essence of a method that the information arriving on one channel of perception, is realised and fixed on another. Following examples will explain this definition. At competitions allowed to remember words in rate "one word in second." At some participants of competitions such phenomenon was thus observed: they as though ceased to hear words which dictated during the task, but thus continued to see words-images on the internal screen. To them dictated words a fur-tree, a boot, paint..., but they did not hear them as a sound, and saw before itself a picture: on a fur-tree the boot soiled paint & hellip hangs; That is, as acoustical stimulus the information was not realised. It was recoded in a visual modality, and already realised and remembered as a video series. We have paid attention to this phenomenon and have complicated experiment. Began to dictate words even faster - 0,2-0,5 seconds between words (almost full unity of a pronunciation of words was reached). Pupils did not hear words or heard vaguely as a rough sound background, but saw fancifully varying plot. We have still complicated the task - began to dictate 2 words simultaneously. It occurred so: on command two experimenters simultaneously say by a word is, as a rule, simple nouns of type street, a board, points, coat... After that words in the same order asked to reproduce pupils. At the answer they named not words, and images: in dirty street go on boards; points have hung on a coat... The Effect was the same. Words as a sound are indiscernible, and the vision allowed to remember 5-7 steams of words, keeping their sequence. Singularity of the task that the pupils who have not seized a method of changed modalities, could not remember in this experiment of a word. Trying to catch one word, they were confused and got off in the subsequent. And at dictation of the second pair words they, as a rule, refused to remember further.

The Same occurs, when pupils remember plates with a various roughness (tactile memory).

In January, 1989, preparing for competitions in to Moscow, Kirillov Anja (14 years) has remembered 10 plates for 6,4 seconds. Plates were with a different roughness (from an emery paper to wax). It remembered their fingers, groping, blindfold. If usually on palpation and storing of 10 plates minute and more this time her hands moved promptly, simultaneously from two parties to the centre left, being carried by on plates "on one breath." It seemed that to feel and distinguish them with such speed it is impossible. After plates have shifted in a heap and have mixed, Anya has spread out them in the same order. It "professionalism" Has revealed something new to us: at the moment of storing it did not fix attention to sensations in fingers, not "know", that in general them touches. Its hands flied on plates, visions arose instantly, flashing from touches, consciousness "bathed in images", having forgotten about the rest. Later experiments with hypnosis have confirmed, that this phenomenon is observed not only at the presented pupils or at the trained professionals, but can be simulated in hypnosis and at the ordinary, not trained person (if only it plunged into hypnosis).

As it is visible, it is a method was born in practice, at competitions. This phenomenon cannot be considered at a usual lesson or standard experiment - interrogation. Therefore it also does not meet in the literature on psychology and memory pedagogics. But, as it is visible, it has the direct relation to memory and perception reserves, and not to use it all the same, what to refuse a mechanical high-speed running path at training of athletes.

Here one of exercises on this method. During a deep relaxation the instructor includes music and inspires to pupils, that they go down in a precipice: music hardly reaches them, then absolutely disappears, but thus they continue to see colour of music. At the first attempts, as a rule, it is observed "floating effect. And quot; music that is heard, disappears. The desire can not hear to cause a boomerang effect, simple effort of will here to achieve nothing, only depth of the relaxation, the changed condition of consciousness - your real assistant. Well and, of course, the best exercise - competition at a lesson, with reduction of time of a presentation of the information. Almost at all at whom it turned out "not hear" Marked strengthening of brightness of images in a visual modality.