Combined methods

In a life almost always we use the combined methods of storing. Slightly one method, slightly another. And division into methods conditionally. When the child ask: " What sweet the most tasty? " - he recollects, what sweet ate yesterday and answers: " Chocolate! " whether we where he thought where represented can divide and where recollected? These are the different parties of one process. From the methodical point of view artificial division into numerous methods is proved. All world pedagogics on it is under construction. But at training these methods should be connected, combined again. And the more successfully pupils will learn it to do, the it will be better result. A variety of combinations can be infinite. It does our employment interesting. To teachers and pupils is where to show the creative abilities. Here a lesson example on application of a combination of methods at storing of some figures.


I break number into three and I think out a film plot to them.

132 To fruit have approached from wood: a hedgehog - 1, a raven - 3, the squirrel - 2. But to regale on fruit it people have prevented.

197 Thin driver-1, the pilot with a magnificent head of hear-9 and the flight mechanic in a cap - 7 began to collect scattered boxes with fruit.

041 Weather spoils, it is raining - 0. I feel, how the wet clothes stick to a body. All hide under a wooden body of the car - 4. The mechanic was hooked for a nail-1 and the jacket has cracked.

750 I recollect, how in 7 years too have got under a rain. Then I ran barefoot on pools, representing, that I the car - 5. From under feet splashes - 0&hellip flied;

This film I see as on the screen, and some episodes I feel as in reality. If the plot has turned out interesting and unexpected, it then is easily recollected. And quot;