The development of memory in a dream

Night impressions take the big place in a life of the child and often cover surrounding his life because they it is brighter and more unusual than a reality. The most part of a sincere life of the child passes in dreams, imaginations, dreams. They often make the basic maintenance of children's memoirs.

On use of this method which was given to us by the nature and by which teachers and tutors are daily carried by, following traditional approaches, talented pupils have pushed us, besides. We conducted lessons at chess school of Petrosyan, and one pupil has told, that it has own method of development of memory:

    - I develop memory in a dream. For example, I should remember the paragraph from the history textbook. I attentively once read it and then to a treasure under a pillow. If in a dream it dreams me also I can run eyes of page of the paragraph it is assured, that tomorrow at a lesson all I will answer correctly. And quot; I have asked the pupil: "And if the book does not dream? "-" such does not happen! "- he has confidently answered.

At the subsequent experiments it was found out, that in it, apparently, easy council, unexpected difficulties contain. And most important of them: how to learn to wake up, continuing to sleep and read the pages necessary to us. It was found out, that as soon as you start to see a dream then you wake up because too steadfastly "peering" in a dream. After all you start to analyze the text, to set to yourself questions. Or you do too persevering efforts to change or continue a dream. In any case all spoils strong-willed effort. So, we have found out, that it is not necessary to do. And what is necessary? There is one small secret in management of dreams. This secret - a somnolence. This condition of our brain which happens during the moment sleep or awakenings. You like do not sleep yet, but already and are not awake. Thoughts flow inertly, are confused. You gradually plunge into a dream. And in this corridor between a reality and darkness it is necessary to be late, stay in it longer. How it to make? How not to appear at once in the power of a dream? The first, it to pretend, that you have forgotten something in this corridor and just about will find. These something can be your desire to see a favourite cartoon film or to present carried out desire which did not manage to be executed in the afternoon. Clinging mentally for wished, you imperceptibly enter into a kingdom of a dream and start to see that ordered before falling asleep. Precisely same tactics should be at the moment of awakening. There are tool receptions of storing in a dream. For example, write down the text on a foreign language on the tape recorder and scroll it some times at night. This way we do not apply.

The EIDOS - in a Greek way "image", and eydetizm is a version of figurative memory.

The Person possessing eidetic memory, can remember the whole pages of the text, recollect any day of the life and forget unnecessary, quickly study foreign languages.

Develops visual, photographic, GAM-cen, tactile (tactile) memory. New original methods of development of memory, figurative thinking, imagination are thus used 27 methods which have been saved up by mankind within centuries, and.