Dynamic compliance

This method has come from sports of the higher achievements. The author of these lines worked five years as the professional coach and had possibility to be convinced of efficiency and universal applicability of this method. The method name says that the exercises applied to training of separate physical qualities of the sportsman, should correspond to dynamics of the given kind of sports or surpass it in complexity. For example, throwers of a spear on trainings make heavier a spear, and then facilitate. There is an effect of extraordinary speed - and the spear flies further. To the runner on a special running path include the speed exceeding a world record. It forces to break a high-speed barrier. Creating it is artificial difficult conditions, reach sports supereffect. But thus should remain both technics of run, and ideal flight of a spear. That is we should remain in certain frameworks not to destroy that valuable, that is saved up by long-term trainings. Therefore training loadings on force, speeds, frequency of movement should correspond or surpass competitive dynamics of movement. All perspective training apparatus are constructed on it. It is necessary to aspire to it and in memory development. And that can turn out, that in a class, in perfect conditions, memory improves, and in a life where there are stresses, hindrances where simultaneously and speak and listen, worry and swear, do some affairs simultaneously where can нехватить time or not suffice character and boldness, you cannot show the skills. To that it is a lot of examples.

We apply at lessons of exercise of the raised complexity. For example, at storing of 10 cards which have been spread out abreast on a table, we at storing start to shift them simultaneously from two parties. The sight starts to run there-here, and the pupil cannot cope with the task though before, in usual conditions (when cards did not shift) it remembered much bigger quantity - 50-60 cards. At lessons we carry out two-three business simultaneously. For example, the pupil remembers words - and thus should make of a wire a figure still. Or to it dictate words in very fast rate, or the pupil remembers figures and thus recollects and answers words which dictated earlier. In the end of a course always we arrange competitions in which we model corresponding situations or more difficult, than in a life. For example, storing falling from a cloth on a floor of subjects.