Education in a dream


Possibility of training in the course of a dream always seemed very attractive as it was supposed, that application of this method allows to save time and forces. Set of deceptive advertisements advise to study in a dream foreign language lexicon. This phenomenon which has received the name «hypnopedia», it is described in the known novel «Happy World" Aldous Huxley. Definitively by present time it was not given due trust to this method of the training described in the perfect world of the English writer.

For successful application of a method near to the sleeping person the tape recorder which repeats the information intended for storing is put. For information mastering the attention which usually is absent in most dream parts is required. That is, during this exercise though the person can hear in the rudimentary image tape recorder record, he does not pay to the received information of attention, sufficient for its deduction in memory. Quite probably, that the accustoming phenomenon promotes that the person does not pay attention to a sounding voice, making a choice in favour of rest. It is the same mechanism which allows not to pay attention to a strong snore of the person laying nearby. However it is obvious, that there is a unique phase of a dream during which time there is possible an information storing. It - a so-called phase of a fast dream or fast movement of eyes during which time there are the conditions necessary for mastering of the new information. However now it is possible to declare with full confidence, that hypnopedia not only is not a recommended method, but at all it is not considered the additional form for training improvement.

hippocampal moving

So, is established, that the dream assists in fastening of the material studied during wakefulness. During a dream certain biochemical processes finish process of consolidation of the studied material, promoting fastening and material integration in memory systems. By means of a reprojection hippocampus sends the coded information to the most difficult zones of a brain.

When the person studies, it is required to its organism to more time of day of a dream. The numerous researches which for example have been carried out and Shiosbergom Woodward, have shown, that the period of training following after the period of a dream, improves results of memory. If the person sleeps a little and its dream is disturbing, despite the fact that what he can read more, it will remember less information. Probably, new effective strategy consists in viewing in the evening, before a dream, the new information which needs to be fixed in the memory. The dream is an absolute must intended not only for rest. The regular lack of a dream involves frustration of memory and change in character.

Therefore, for maintenance most an effective utilisation of resources of memory, to the person who is in process of study, it is necessary to find for a dream necessary time. Thus viewing of the studied material directly ahead of a dream facilitates integration and fastening in memory of the studied material.