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Typically, most people think of memory as a body, on which depends the ability to remember and forget. However, the memory is not an organ, producing memories.

As a person remembers

If anyone wants to brush up on their memories of places visited, visited during a recent trip, perfect for a holiday, he can gather the necessary information by viewing the pictures, which he did.


forgetting - this is a disturbing experience, which evokes a feeling of despair. A man hoping to remember everything they remembered the past, and that at some point he wants to recover. However, sometimes it happens that he forgets the name of one of your friends or can not remember where he had left the keys to the car.

How to facilitate the process of remembering

The man repeatedly gets the impression that he is unable to recall the names of people whom he represented, did not know where to park your car, or begins in despair to seek key, which is in the wrong place for them at home.

Techniques remember

Good memory use implies the possibility to store the necessary information in the desired time. If you often forget what to do or shopping list, or in memory is not kept properly Learned information, remember that the ability to own their memory - it is a skill that can be learned.

How to make the memory more efficient

there pills forgetfulness? Do I need to, to follow a special diet to improve memory?

Pathology harmful memory

poor memory may contribute to various pathological processes. Global amnesia, as a single and irreversible syndrome is rare, because its development requires extensive bilateral injury, and neurological disease such rare.

Treatment and rehabilitation of memory

Since memory disorders can result from such distant issues such as the problem of high blood pressure, car accident, damage, neurological or psychiatric illness, medical professionals are sometimes unable to accurately determine the true cause of memory disorders.

Real cases

disorders of memory or experience memory loss can be caused by a variety of reasons.