The name of a method prompts action - to enter in a represented picture, the story, a film. For example, at storing of an English word tear (tier)-tear: you represent yourselves to a dash, hear shots, hold a gun; thus you have not noticed, how the room in which you sat , a table, this book, a picture has disappeared.

In the given example a method "entry" well complemented plies a method "phonetic associations. This method allows to struggle with absent-mindedness, distract-tion on extraneous stimuli. And quot; Occurrence is acquired easily by children with the developed imagination. It is necessary adults s-ladevat this method through meditation, autotre-Ning.

On an example of geometrical figures it is possible to see, how tactics of representation of pupils differs at a method "revival" And a method "entry".

The Example of our pupil:

    - I Press the lift BUTTON. DOORS open - and I am surprised to the big MIRROR in it. The glass LIFT silently slides downwards. In the first case the picture simply revives before eyes, and in the second, in a method "occurrence", the pupil feels the participant of event, it to present a little bit more difficult, but also the effect will be stronger. We after all know - that occurs to us, is not forgotten. Psychologists for today, are uniform in opinion, that long-term memory is eternal, each lived day and if not always it is possible to recollect wished it only proves is stored in us how all is strong it is protected by our internal watchman.