Its distinctive feature are attacks or relapses of crises which grow out of accumulation neurons in a brain of the excessive electric category. Depending on what zone of a brain is amazed, loss of consciousness, frustration of motor activity in the form of convulsions, sometimes - frustration of touch activity in the form of hallucinations can take place. There are some severity levels of disease, crises can occur through different time intervals, to various intensity.

Hence, it is a question of constant disease with crises of different intensity, with rapid movements of excitation or muscular slackness which long muscular convulsions follow. So, attacks can be partial, simple, difficult and often repeating.

The Consequences rendered by an epilepsy on functioning of memory

Of Frustration of memory at sick epilepsy can be caused the different reasons. The epilepsy attack can interrupt codification and consolidation processes, to prevent fastening of a new material. So, if the person, at all not realising it, suffers from insignificant crisis in the field of a temporal share, during this moment there will be impossible a storing of a material which it studies.

Direct or indirect interruptions of functions of a brain also occur because of frequent categories during a dream which is very important function of memory.

Other important reason are constant damages of a neural fabric which reduce ability of memory to reaction and assimilation of new data.

Protivoepileptichesky medical products can affect activity of neurons, connected with memory. Last years surgical procedure began to be applied to patients with the time form of the epilepsy, badly transferring medicamentous treatment widely. Nejropsihologichesky inspection (an attack kind, encephalogram, studying of the damaged area by means of creation functional and structural neyroobraza), spent to many clinics, is extremely important in prevention of serious consequences which can be rendered for memory surgical intervention.