External strategies

It is a question of helps for the memory, arriving from the outside. The person remembers, that it should carry out any action, however memory not always prompts, which. The records made for, an alarm-clock, daily logs and small knots on a scarf or even hours with a bracelet, dressed on the contrary can be examples of external strategy. Though some from; these shifts can serve as helps for information restoration, that in most cases they are prompting to action is doubtless. When the person breaks daily routine of the life, for example visits someone, carries out payment, purchase or does phone call at an exit from work, it can use one of these simple and useful shifts. The problem arises, if the person forgets to look records before leaving work, or does not pay attention to the hours dressed on the contrary.

Restoration Keys

External helps, in general, do not associate with restoration keys, and it can complicate storing process. Therefore, though they can be useful on occasion, it is necessary to add any index. So, doing a small knot on a scarf or translating arrows of hours, we specify in necessity of any action, but thus we do not promote information restoration. However, left near to keys from the house a note «the stomatologist 18:00» can prompt, that after the termination of the working day it is necessary to visit the stomatologist. If to use the daily log to recollect actions which should be carried out within day, it will give us the information that it is necessary to make and during what time. However, that this system has really appeared useful, it is necessary to look periodically in the daily log. For reception of more effective help it is necessary to specify precisely the most significant keys which could promote remembrance of the prominent aspects. Thus, near to a word «Assembly» it is possible to leave the detailed description of documents which are necessary for bringing with itself, or a name of the important assistant. On the other hand, there is no full confidence that will be possible to restore all volume of the necessary information. The data recording will be more regular, the it is possible to use them more effectively. It is important to remember that not only it is impossible to forget about existence of records, but it is necessary to store always suitable helps for information restoration.