The failure of memory

You never forgot date of visiting of the stomatologist? This experience is extended enough, and the person with the help of logic guesses motive of similar negligence, especially, if very much is afraid of visit to the stomatologist. Practically all keep memoirs on the best and most pleasant moments of the life. On the other hand, some experience can be so intolerable, that memory will prefer to erase it from consciousness. The memoirs connected with a pain, shame or feeling of fault possess the tendency to were removed of memory, thus to avoid repeated experience of unpleasant impressions or to reduce probability of experiences to a minimum. If the person could not forget the unpleasant sensations received during traumas, it would be exposed to a neurosis each time if to it there was something similar, and practically would not be capable to any activity. Negative experience of the first day of work could make impossible returning to work. Thus it appears, that storage of successful experience, than funny or unsuccessful is more useful. This form of forgetting promotes fast and effective functioning of system of memory. It - other example of not to overload system: memory requires branch of the information which are not priority, for a survival.