Figurative hooks

This method it is possible to apply Figurative hooks at storing of figures. Figures can be similar to various subjects. For example, the THREE reminds the sea WAVE, the bent ONIONS, MOUSTACHES. The FIVE is similar to the SHIP, the SNAKE, the KANGAROO. So on each figure are created on several pictures. And when it is necessary to remember figures, pictures are remembered, actually. Pictures carry out a role of hooks on a hanger of our memory. It is necessary to hang up only, and then to remove the information necessary to us.

Pictures-hooks to figures are more low led. In a picture there can be not one, and some figures. For example, 651 it is possible to remember by means of a picture-hook, where 6 - a bag, 5 - quantity of bags, 1 - the farmer. More low as examples of figurative hooks are led to three-value numbers.

We applied This method by preparation for competition on pack storing. By means of it Vick Rybnikova (15 years) remembers two packs for 20 minutes.