It is possible to forget at the desire unpleasant events of the life for a minute, on an hour or for all life? After all when unpleasant experiences long accompany us, not releasing neither in the afternoon nor at night when surplus of the information before examinations overloads our active memory, doing from it "porridge", work of our intelligence, our memory is broken. And, eventually, we start to complain of memory. Forgetfulness has come not when waited, and when she has wanted, and already it not to banish. And we perfectly forget, only any more on the will. After strong, for example automobile, failures the person can forget the whole piece of a life. In hypnosis the person can inspire for some minutes, that it does not remember the name, the native. And it is valid, when the pupil wakes up, does not learn neither, nor the relatives. After a session of deep hypnosis it is observed also spontaneous forgetting. The person hardly recollects, that was during a session.

But at children it not how at adults. At interrogation of schoolboys 10 - 15 years were found out, that they sometimes successfully forget at the desire, as on "to the pike command, on mine volition." Here example of Alice (13 years): "Once I have recollected quarrel of parents of three-year prescription, and tears were screwed on eyes." To forget it, it has presented, that holds in hands a plate with sand. On sand this situation is drawn. It has shaken a plate, sand has mixed up - and the image has disappeared. Quarrel was forgot, the mood has improved.

These and other examples selective forgetting say that the nature has given us mechanisms of effective disposal of the undesirable information, and all secret only in how it to seize. Psychologists have come to conclusion for a long time already, that bad messages is forgotten not eventually and not simply so. But how to train these abilities-in few places you will find the answer. Our exercises to this method consider experiences with hypnosis, on long-term experiments with talented pupils and numerous interrogations of children. One of councils is more low resulted how to forget, taken from the book "School eydetiki. Volume 3. And quot;

For employment the candle, a paper, a saucer with water is required to extinguish a burning paper. Tear off a scrap papers, place in a flame of a candle and observe, how burning, the paper ignites, turned off, turns to ashes, is scattered. Still any time a burning paper faces to eyes and then disappears. Do it easier to present this process before eyes during a relaxation.

Prepare a picture which was to be forgotten. On it the name, date, event or simply neutral drawing can be written. Sit down more conveniently, include pleasant music, spend a relaxation. When all will disappear around - casual thoughts, a room, your body when there will be an extraordinary ease and bright images - tell to itself:

    - I forget this picture, I forget for some minutes (or hours, or for ever). It burns down in a candle flame. I hear flame crackling, I hear a smell, I see, how the picture is turned off in a tubule, it turns to ashes. I want uvidetkartinku - and I can not, I see ashes. I wish it to recollect - and I can not. I recollect any another, except this. I forget all more strongly and more strongly.

All these words should be said entirely. Otherwise subsequently you will have a thought: "I Can I deceive myself, I did not try to recollect. And quot; the term forgetting, the better result is more precisely set. If you well are able to spend a relaxation if at you bright images and you can see a candle, a flame, a burning picture, hear sounds and smells through some employment you will seize this method.

Look, what variants of answers of pupils happen:

  1. To Forget it was not possible. A candle and a picture could not present.
  2. The Candle and a picture has presented, - it has lighted up. But when has tried to recollect, the picture has appeared again and even became even brighter. Has seen new details.
  3. All well represented, but when has tried to recollect, instead of this picture there was another. And while it faced to eyes, that, the first was not recollected.
  4. At attempt to recollect the picture has appeared again. I burnt it some times. Eventually before eyes there was a scrap. Half of picture in any way did not wish to burn down.
  5. All has burnt down. At desire to recollect has appeared nothing.

If at you it has turned out, as in points 2, 3, 4, 5 it is congratulated, forgetting at you will be effective. And pay attention, that in the second case forgetting it is possible to use for supermemoirs. Time a picture appears again both becomes even brighter, and acquires new details, means, we have come across for one more way of remembering - to burn and forget, that it is better to remember. If at you result, as in point 1 it is necessary for you to practice in visualisation. Auto-training, meditations will help you with it.