Get rid of the gaps

As it has already been mentioned, for simplification of manufacture of remembering is the best strategy the conscious effort for creation of keys of restoration while occurs information warehousing in memory system. Unfortunately, sometimes we face the following problem: we can not recollect a detail as it or has not been well kept or because we can not find a key that it to recollect. What it is possible to make in a similar situation for simplification of process of remembering?

The Technician of restoration

We Will consider 2 examples: we do not know, where there are 1 keys, and do not remember a name of the person. To fill these! Blanks the technics of restoration will help. This method consists in search and viewing of all possible associations which could be established with the information intended for storing, the context thus is considered.

Viewing of short-term memory

Let's analyse steps, which are necessary for undertaking to recollect where there were 1 keys. In the beginning we will look for them in those places of the house where usually we leave though we do not remember that left them there.

Then we will look in places where have forgotten them last time; and at last we will pay attention to unusual activity in which were engaged within all day, probably, it will give any index. In that case last step consists of considering gone through, therefore we can take from our memory any index which will help to define a site of the lost subject.

Viewing of long-term memory

Of course, if you want to remember the name of the person had not seen for a long time, the strategy a little different. In this case, not a review of recent actions in the short-term memory, but you can increase memory, depending on the context search which will be implemented in long-term memory storage. Thus, one should try to remember events that have survived, together with that person, place, which were together, mutual friends, imagine that we call him by name or talk about it with other friends. Any information can be associated with a pointer that will recall the familiar name. You can also draw attention to certain features we wanted the name: the number of syllables on which letter begins the name of any word that sounds similar to the name, etc. Thus activation of a network of values in the structure of memory, which bring us closer to the wanted name. The more signs can be detected, the greater the probability of finding the required information.