Have a good or a bad memory?

The question of preparation or problems of organic character

Many people experiencing difficulties at storing of the information, complain that at them bad memory. In a word, as though they were born with insufficient ability to the storing which productivity, as though they tried, they do not manage to improve. They and again assiduously try to improve again the knacks, not paying any attention to conformity of techniques mastered by them for memory improvement. Actually, when poor ability for reproduction of memoirs comes to light, probably, it is caused by organic problems of a brain or shortage of skills of strategy of storing. In both cases training to skills can promote improvement of process of storing. The reader will find some keys which will allow it to spend distinction between badly trained memory and having the restrictions caused by organic problems in the given book.


Though some scientists believe some erroneous expectations, that can change essentially developed state of affairs, they do not aspire to satisfaction of unrealizable expectations. Abundance of courses on improvement of memory and, thus, their state of affairs, interpersonal relations etc. seem to us on closer examination excessive generalisation and excessive optimism which is closely connected with science postulates. As many courses or books affirms, that the person uses only 10 percent of the intellectual potential, and there are methods for increase of productivity of a brain to 75%. However in one of the sciences studying the higher nervous activity, it is impossible to find materials at least one research or results of unique test which would testify that similar is really possible. Despite the fact that what is considered possible improvement of ability to storing, and memory is considered as the central function of the human being, it is impossible to assert, that readings of one book will be enough for satisfaction of all expectations. We have concentrated the attention to scientific postulates and have tried to designate directions, following which, the reader himself could execute some exercises or in case of need would address to the expert. Hence, it is impossible to confirm a priori on how many percent it is possible to improve memory and how this improvement will be reflected in your affairs or private life.

But in the course of book reading it is possible to learn precisely enough about individual functioning of own memory that will allow to optimise its efficiency by means of the most suitable strategy.