Have something on the tip of the tongue

Is assured, that sometimes, at attempt to recollect a name of the unfamiliar person or the name of capital of the certain country, you felt that know the answer, however cannot recollect it. Sometimes even it is possible to tell, the word or what syllables begins with what letter in it are available. When someone appears in a similar situation, say, that at it «the word spins on a tip of language." Actually, the person has the sufficient information on a word which tries to find, but cannot recollect it completely. Thus he even can recollect some words with the value similar to value of the searched word. As in case it would be before a rack of library and knew, that the book which he searches, is here, but would not see, on what shelf. Therefore the arrangement a number of being books can serve it as the help in spite of the fact that he can not know an exact identification label. Though as though close thus not to come nearer to the searched book, it is impossible to find an identification label and «draw» the necessary book from a library shelf.

Expression «to have something on a tip of language» specifies, that for memoirs manufacture it is necessary, that the information was not only stored, but also accessible. And codification and warehousing processes not always are carried out simultaneously. Aforementioned expression also specifies, that the memoirs are not completely the positive or negative answer to inquiry about information reception. Hence, the information can be received, but not in full, that is, storing is a degree question.