How do people remember?

If someone will wish to freshen in the memory of memoirs of places which has visited where has visited during last trip made during holiday, it can collect the necessary information, having seen photos which has made itself. Each photo contains the full and concrete information on this or that moment. However it - insufficiently good way to understand a principle of functioning of memory. Storing process is not reduced to examining of an album with objects for storing as though it was a question of photos. It - More likely active and directed process in which course there is a selection of the most important data and their storage in the coded form.

During storing various operations are carried out: information reception, its warehousing and restoration. Actually storing requires realisation of all 3 actions which provide activity of various zones of a brain. It is possible to see, that memory problems are in most cases caused by difficulties which arise in a phase of restoration and grow out of faulty codification. In these cases the reason of frustration of memory is covered in bad perception or wrong warehousing of the information.

That fact, that information restoration & mdash is Obvious; more difficult process, than its perception. Actually every day the person receives great volume of the various information, and nevertheless in memory limited enough volume of data is late. Whatever useful the information seemed, its part will be really necessary only. The principle of motivation of selection of data which will be in storehouse of our memory consists in it. Well understanding the mechanism of functioning of the processes participating in activity of memory, the person can improve its productivity and make fuller representation about its possibilities.