I'm losing my memory, I'm afraid that I have started the development of Alzheimer's disease

Almost throughout 5 years Margarita, 65 years begins, notices, that it has a memory impairment, and insists that ability to storing of the information at it is strongly damaged.

On reception at the doctor. Margarita explains, that is very disturbed. She visits an educational institution of an average step, is trained in book keeping and though she was not engaged in trainings of the memory, always tried to support the mind in an active condition. She reads much, often happens in cinema and theatre, is interested in history and culture of the countries in which happens and now visits employment and lectures for the adults, spent in university. In the everyday life, besides housekeeping, it helps the husband with management of its small enterprise where it conducted some aspects of the accounting reporting.

Margarita has been frightened and has confirmed, that though it never differed fine memory, always all seized hurriedly and was enough sharp at the decision of arising problems. During employment she without effort understood different ideas and could pass examinations practically without preparation.

Now Margarita does not remember the multiplication table, sometimes with surprise finds out, that considers on fingers. She has forgotten about a meeting about which agreed in advance, and does not know, why has not noted it in the daily log. Tells, that now writes down all: any meeting, the message or the commission, thus records does at the moment of information receipt. She considers, that daily log use, probably, became the reason of deterioration of its memory. At calculation of figures within several last years it uses the calculator as cannot make counting operation in mind. It tried to do exercises on calculation. For example, during driving on the car, it summarised figures from licence plates of cars which overtook it. Considers, that memory blackouts testify to the beginning at it an Alzheimer's disease.

The Case record. Under the guidance of expert-neuropathologist Margarita received medical treatment for dizzinesses. Considering everything, that she has told, and also on the basis of the made records and the case record, the expert has recommended to it to pass neuropsychological inspection.

Nejropsihologichesky inspection. After carrying out neuropsychological inspections the probability of memory impairment and mental faculties has been rejected. According to its age insignificant deficiency of keeping of attention is observed.

The Diagnosis. the Expert notices, that Margarita hurries up at performance of exercises which demand realisation of processes of memory. She considers, that should do all quickly and fix the information at the moment of its reception. For it speed is a storing guarantee. «so I arrived during all my life, - Margarita, & mdash explains; hasty wrote down any information in the daily log, and here it! As I do not have memory, I nothing I forget. The doctor has explained to it, that she very much hurries up, and it stirs to information storing. Memory is active process which consists of following operations: receptions, warehousing and restoration. And Margarita so hurries up, that has time to carry out only the first operation: obtains data, however does not do any effort to keep and then to restore them. With the years informative functions lose speed of the realisation and consequently now it is required to memory to more time for more exact processing of the information.

The Practical advice. Margarita should do exercises for memory training, concentrating the attention to exact storing of the information, improvement of codification and creation of keys of access.

Before each meeting she should think, whether it will be free in day of week offered it, and whether it in general is free, whether really it is that day when the assistant on an economy comes, whether time of a meeting with time of its employment at university coincides, or whether it will be in a trip together with the husband. She should not hurry up, it should concentrate, writing down in the daily log day and hour of a meeting.

Being at home, she will try to recollect mentally a meeting and to check up records under the daily log. It will concentrate attention to headings in the newspaper and will try to repeat mentally some of them. Every day it needs to learn the multiplication table, but never in the course of car driving, as when the person is at the wheel, it has enough work not to break a rule and not to go on red light.

Treatment and the further development of a condition. Margarita has calmed down, when the expert has assured it, that the condition can improve and that there is no serious deterioration in activity of memory which would demand to begin course of treatment. Now she without effort can tell the multiplication table and perfectly copes with the schedule of the day. She still forgets names of cities of the exotic countries or a name of the known actor, played a role in the last what he has seen to it a film. However for it it has no value. Now she knows about how its memory functions is much better and, that is much more important, lives without disturbing thoughts on possible development of an Alzheimer's disease.