Image improvisation

Children, starting to draw, often do not know, what drawing will turn out as a result. It also is improvisation. It each time is unpredictable and consequently is always interesting. Method application can be seen on an example of storing of phone of a joint-stock bank "Business Russia" - 299-02-43. Our pupil Here is how improvises:

    "I represent the solid, clever banker and I start to draw his face. It is more convenient to me to take figures of phone from the end.

3 is a FOREHEAD, the EAR, 4 - the NOSE, 2 - the SMILE, 0 - EYE-GLASSES, it gives solidity, 99 is, certainly, EYES, 2-it the CHIN. The banker is ready, his face is its telephone number ".

In to the book" School eydetiki "(volume 2) is exercise where it is necessary to remember various flourishes. In an exercise basis experiments with storing of abstract symbols have laid down. During their carrying out is better pupils who could finish these symbols to recognised subjects coped with the task. And some pupils drew directly in air, before themselves, using imagined, instead of a real pencil. Here resources of our memory and voobrazhenija.

The Example of our pupil:

    - I take a pencil and dorisovyvayu a symbol so that it has turned to a recognised subject. For example, not clear "zagogulinka" turns to the NOSE or the CAT, or in the FISHING HOOK. From the second "zagogulinki" I have made the KEY, the MOUTH of a fantastic monster, skipping rope.