Imaginative thinking

Sometimes pupils see the whole plot. Remembered badges, words or figures turn to operating heroes on the screen. And it can instantly occur. It is important to notice, that at this method the image is primary, and logic judgement again. Usually, advise on the contrary: to think up association to the remembered information and then to visualise it, ie to present as it is possible more brightly - for the best fixing in memory. At training this method should make so:

    To set the task and wait, when its decision will come not by consecutive reasonings, and instantly; the decision will break, sweeping aside habitual logic customs in our head, will break in the form of a ready picture. And the judgement of a picture, perhaps, will confirm, as the problem decision is interesting and unexpected - and that we are talented.

This method most close approaches to creative thinking. It can work and day and night when decisions come in a dream.

To pupils geometrical figures on Efane Here is how see: the dolphin juggles with a ball, splashes from pool fly; a dolphin award fish.

At storing of figures by this method, the pupil sees at once a ready picture. For example, number 781. the child at first represents a plot, and only then it explains. The seven is broken the BRANCH. the Eight - elderly the WOMAN , and unit - the CORD.

that the visual image is born at once is Basic always, and only then is realised, that in it contains. Here an example of application of a method at storing of phones: 155-09-22 - phone help aerofleet.

1 is the PLANE coming on planting;

55 is a CHASSIS, which the plane lets out;

0 - the CIRCLE which does the plane at landing approach;

9 - the plane suddenly sharply soars up upwards and does the LOOP, because on a runway TWO GEESE.

Today speak about ecology of the nature and spirit ecology much. The method of thinking, perhaps, will be in the images the most harmless in all systems of development of intelligence. Because the method is closer to creative thinking, than to artificial mnemotehnicheskomu to construction.