Usually the majority of people thinks of memory as about body on which ability to remember and forget depends. However memory is not the body making memoirs.

It is impossible to see, subject Memory to x-ray inspection or to transplant. In mozgy the person it is impossible to find out the location of its memory, and also to establish, there is it in a good or bad condition. It means, that scientists did not manage to find out in a brain of the person a special place in which memoirs are made.

Therefore when it is a question of memory, the reference on zapominatelnuyu activity, ie on process which develops not only in one body or organism structure will be the most exact. Moreover, it is a question of the various structures of a brain simultaneously functioning during psychological process occurrence of memoirs will be which result. It is necessary to mention that this process too is not simple. The difficult subsystems connected among themselves which is responsible for manufacture of procedure of storing participate in its realisation some, besides them there are various types of memoirs and memory kinds.