Memory and the brain

Essential always was a question on the memory location in a brain. The knowledge of a concrete zone in a brain would allow to study and understand a memory phenomenon better. Nevertheless, as it has been told above, apparently, that memory is not in one concrete place. It is based in the various structures of a brain intended not only for storing of the information. These structures also specialise on the different aspects connected with consciousness, mastery of a language, associative touch functions and set of other features of behaviour of a concrete individual.

The Structures of a brain participating in activity of memory

Nejroanatomichesky and neuropsychological of research have shown, that persons with the traumas put in immediate proximity from the limbic of system, usually suffer from serious problems with memory.


The Oblong ledge lateral ventricles of a brain (named «hippocampus», because has the form which outlines remind the sea fad), is the basic structure of a brain participating in process of storing of the information. When the person has amazed both hemispheres of a brain, it can lead to that anything the event cannot be registered in memory. Even if the person will keep ability to remember event of the past or to use earlier got skills, it cannot remember the new information as though this ability has disappeared together with the hippocampus. Despite the fact that what structures of the hippocampus are key for memory functioning, there are other systems of a brain also participating in activity of memory. Actually, the information intending for storage, moves on a number of structures of a brain in which it then will be remembered.

Neural chains

Structures of a brain which participate in memory activity, have the present channels on which data circulate. These channels are called as neural chains. At storing the information starts to arrive regularly in the hippocampus where it is analyzed and codified. Then it is distributed on zones of a brain which will carry out after a while remembering information, without participation of the hippocampus.

Thus, from bodies of perception the information will arrive in parallel to the hippocampus and amygdala, then to the thalamus and mastoid to particles. In the end the information will come back again in a brain bark where it will be definitively kept.

Emotional memory

During this long run on components of the limbic systems, will occur codification of emotions and the motivations connected with memoirs. Probably, this sequence is caused by evolution of mechanisms of adaptation to environment. If together with the information its emotional value remains, reaction of the person can be very fast and come before stimulus occurrence. So, the sound of boiling water can remind of the sensation connected with a sound of burning, the needle kind will remind of a pain from a prick that will accelerate a call of reactions from memory storehouse. It «emotional memory», she explains, why the melody reminds us of tenderness of the first love, and the stomatologist forces us to revive sensation of a panic in the memory.

The Data recording

Leaning against the above-stated structures of a brain, memoirs in the coded kind will be written down in neural chains or nervous cages, leaving «trace», named engram. This fact still precisely is not proved, but there are some proofs in favour of that ink with which we write, can depend essentially from neurotransmitters. These molecules are responsible for maintenance of communications between neurons. Now it is known more than 50 their versions: acetylcholine, dopamine, adrenaline, glutamate etc. In a brain can be carried out uncountable set of connections between molecules which form neural chains, the majority from which is located on a surface of a bark of a brain. Though we possess the big set of potential neural chains, those chains which have received the stimulus formed as a result of interaction of the person and environment will be active only. So, at the architect the fine visual memory, at the musician & mdash will develop; exclusive acoustical to mash, which, nevertheless, will not give the same good results at recognition of persons or check of the list of purchases.