Method of Cicero

This method has come to us from the Ancient Greece. Poet Simonid trained the memory so: that it was necessary to remember, it had in room well familiar to it. Then was to recollect a room that the necessary information has emerged enough. In some books this method is attributed to the Roman politician and orator Tsitseronu who has become famous for that during the performances in the senate easily reproduced names on memory, by historical dates, citations. By preparation for performance, he perambulated on the house and has mentally stirred parts of the speech on various corners of a room. Cicero has adopted this method at Simonides. Also it would be fair to name it "method Simonides." An example of our pupil: - Me have dictated phone "Schools eydetiki" - 494-22-90.

I have decided to remember its method Simonides. Has presented, that 4 - the CHAIR, 9 - the TEACHER, 4 - the CHAIR, 22 - TWO Losers, 90 - after these lessons at them and in 90 years will be good memory.