"My daughter made me see a doctor, although all have lapses of memory"

Daughters Maria have noticed, that their mother became very disseminated. Earlier it was extremely active woman, supported in the house the perfect order and, despite bad relations with the husband, used the best efforts, that daughters have not noticed it, encouraged its independence. Even at present it very much helps them, as besides work out of the house they should look after children and carry out homework. It takes away the grandsons after school, does purchases and makes a supper.

On reception at the doctor. Maria, 66 years, this visit absolutely ridiculous considers. She has explained, that has received only an elementary education, never trained the memory because her husband was very much the masterful man, always did to it remarks, and she in the answer was silent. Maria recognised, that probably therefore it had memory blackouts, but she believes, that it is not too important, and does not understand, why her daughters have insisted on consultation of the doctor. She also considers, that all people of its age make similar mistakes.

Daughters have declared, that when they ask it about something, beyond its daily duties, it is lost, then behaves how if it about what did not warn. When to it explain, that she has forgotten to take away one of children after the termination of school employment, she answers, that it about it did not ask.

She also declares, that earlier very well prepared, and now prepares only simple dishes because it does not have any desire to cook, and that it has spent many years about a cooker.

Her daughters cannot understand, whether really the problem of their mother consists that it is simply inattentive and it does not have sufficient motivation, can be simple at it there are no forces, or it is really caused by memory frustration. They do not know how to influence mother that its behaviour has changed. Earlier it was very responsible person, with pleasure helped them, now they do not learn it.

The Case record. Previous diseases it is not revealed. Mother Maria has died of a breast cancer at young age, the father was lost during accident.

The Neuropathologist has offered carrying out neuropsychological inspections to differentiate the problems connected with dispersion of attention, and memory problems.

Nejropsihologichesky inspection. the Expert has revealed a number of the symptoms compatible to a heavy and selective degeneration of memory. Severity level of mnemonic deficiency can testify to presence of 1st stage more the general disease, such as an Alzheimer's disease.

The Diagnosis. neuropsychologist informs Maria's relatives, that mistakes made to its cannot be explained only absence of desire or attention. At it the big difficulties with storing of the new information. At it for the present it is not marked deterioration of speech, perception, also there is no time disorientation. Therefore it is capable to performance of everyday duties. However it not in a condition to remember the new information even connected with its daily activity. She tries to understand and repeat the message which receives during the same moment, but in some minutes the information disappears from its memory. There is no storehouse of short-term memory. Nothing remains. We have given it keys, but she was unable recollect the information. Therefore it seems to it, that daughters forget it to warn. She does not learn earlier heard the message as though all information passed at it through short-term memory.

Relatives should consult with the expert - the neuropathologist that on the basis of clinical reports and nejroizobra-zheny had been confirmed the diagnosis «illness Alzheimer's».

The Practical advice. , at the moment, Maria's to relatives who try to transfer to it extremely concrete messages, strictly certain everyday schedule is recommended to develop Houses, and, showing understanding to make so that it has adapted to it, to love mother a little differently.

Treatment and illness development. Treatment will be appointed by the neuropathologist depending on illness development. At present Maria is in a moderate stage of weight neuropsychological frustration.