"My mind is blank: I can not keep in mind is absolutely nothing"

Within almost 5 years Alexander noticed, that at it memory worsens: it could not remember almost anything, its brain became empty. For this reason, after visiting of several psychiatrists, he has decided to address to the expert-neuropathologist.

On reception at the doctor. Alexander, 25 years, have been examined by the neuropathologist who has offered inspection under the recommendation neuropsychologist. The patient has concerned it sceptically, has not understood, why the similar proposal has been made to it. He thought, that to it will make a x-ray picture of a brain as has been assured that loses neurons since. Feels emptiness in a head and can remember nothing. When to it something explain, he can understand far not all. If he reads, loses a narration thread. Alexander has started to notice these problems when has started employment at university: 3 times it passed to other faculties (philological, philosophical, psychological), all attempts have terminated in failure.

Now it works improvised in department store. Only thus Alexander can earn to itself for a life though asserts that cannot remember commission which give to it. He thinks, that at it the brain is damaged, and wishes to go on reception only to the neuropathologist. Alexander has already visited the several psychiatrists, the medical preparations appointed them helped it to calm down a little, but memory activity did not improve.

The Case record. does not represent special interest. When Alexander was 10 years old, parents have taken away it on consultation to the psychologist as it was uneasy and nervous. On the other hand, he visited various psychiatrists who could not him in what convince and have not rendered it the help, therefore he has refused treatment. It is necessary to mention, that depression has been diagnosed for his mother.

Nejropsihologichesky inspection. the Expert has found out a number of the signs testifying to obviously expressed deficiency of processes of concentration of attention: considerable difficulties as at performance of the exercises demanding special attention, and at attention deduction. Problems in cerebration and memory have been noted.

The Diagnosis. At the patient obviously expressed deficiency of deduction of attention which speaks influence of some mental pathologies is observed. Nejropsihologichesky inspection has been added by research of the person, presence of obviously expressed depressively-disturbing semiology and a possible persuasive condition has as a result proved to be true.

The Practical advice. to the Patient have explained, that consultation of the psychiatrist is necessary for it. Its mind is occupied by busily repeating thoughts which it cannot supervise ( «I can not think of»; «at me in a head emptiness»; «I lose neurons"). These thoughts interfere with realisation of 3 basic operations of memory: perceptions, warehousing and restoration.

Treatment and the further development of a condition. to the Patient it has been explained, that in a context sharp clinical decompensation realisation of rehabilitation exercises for improvement of deficiency of attention is not obviously possible. First of all it is necessary for it to receive medical treatment pharmacological means which will be appointed by the psychiatrist. After clinical improvement of a condition to it the following program will be appointed: special rehabilitation for treatment of obviously expressed deficiency of attention.