Orientation towards reality

In cases when problems in memory activity arise against weak-mindedness, such as an Alzheimer's disease, they are accompanied by deterioration practically all informative functions. Therefore at last stages of illness neuropsychological rehabilitation any more is not represented possible. Orientation towards a reality can be unique possible therapy. Its main objectives is representation of the new information in variety of the formats included in everyday communication activity in medical groups. It is supposed, that it helps to get rid of erroneous answers, for example from the statement: we are in 1954, and to increase a share of right answers.

The Basic receptions of orientation towards a reality are carried out in groups. To patients remind, who they are, who talks to them, it gives the information on time and a place of their finding, comments become as regards occurs near to them. If the patient is in a hospital, orientation towards a reality is spent since the earliest morning within all day, thus all medical personnel will take part in realisation of this procedure, focusing the patient on revival in memory of the important information which he could forget , for example about wedding of its children or about presence at it grandsons.