Method ORRA is called under initial letters of words: orientation, reading, the review, the main thing. Foreign psychologists, making experiment, suggested students to remember the text by means of method ORRA, using the following sequence: initial orientation in the text, for the purpose of understanding of the basic thought; then attentive repeated reading, with allocation of repeated details; then the text review, with profound understanding (whether the text is correctly divided into the main and minor thoughts); and, at last, mental retelling of the text, with allocation of the main thought.

We were in turn convinced of an inefficiency of this method on an example of process of storing of champions of our Center. Nick remembers Kasumova 200 p. of the text from the first perusal, without repetition; such pupils as it, do not use method ORRA. For finding-out of effective working methods of human intelligence it is necessary to take the people standing on the verge of human possibilities, and to model the stressful situations promoting realisation of our reserves. In the experiments spent by our Center, it was found out, that effective receptions of storing of the text are methods "recovery", "redundancy", "entree-ing", "alienation". ORRA does not come nearer at all by efficiency to them, and to use it, all the same, what to learn the sprinter quickly to run on the basis of researches of biomechanics of run of a turtle.