Phonetic association

This method it is good to apply Phonetic associations at storing of foreign words and phones. A method essence - in successful selection of conformable associations to a foreign word. For example, a Latin word musculus (muskulus) - the LITTLE MOUSE. A conformable Russian word MUSCLES. It is possible to present a picture from conformable word MUSKUP and transfer the LITTLE MOUSE.

Carota (carotene) - CARROTS. Conformable to it a word the CARRIAGE. A plot on a picture.

It is possible to think up not one, and some conformable words. For example: caseus (kaseus) - CHEESE, conformable words Kashchei MOUSTACHED. A plot on a picture.

In such a way it is possible to remember words of any language, any complexity. Certainly, not to all words it is possible to pick up ideal accords. But, despite this lack, the pupils who have seized a method, remember to 100 foreign words in day without cramming. The description of this method has appeared in the scientific literature in the seventies, however and till today philologists do not know about it.

The Greatest lack of this method is possible errors in a pronunciation. But at certain practice and at the good teacher these lacks disappear.

This method has well proved at storing of foreign surnames which, are quite often, difficult perceived on hearing. At mastering of a method you pleasantly surprise the friends, James as it will be easy to you to remember all who has come on a visit or participates in presentation, or has come on a business meeting.

The Method of phonetic associations can be used and at storing of phones. But for brlshey we learn to efficiency to combine methods - in a life all is always mixed. Here an example of storing of phone methods of phonetic and consecutive associations. Consecutive associations in the given example help to connect similar accords to figures in a uniform plot.

For example, it is necessary to remember phone 976-45-21. To each figure it is possible to pick up a word similar on sounding.

9 (NINE) - the GIRL 7 (SEVEN) - the FAMILY 6 (SIX)-WOOL

  2. (FIVE) - to MOVE back 2 (TWO)-COURT YARD


Now from conformable words it is necessary to think up the story. An example of our pupil:

    - the GIRL was from a good FAMILY. She liked to walk in the WOOLEN sweater, with the TURTLE who MOVED back on the COURT YARD and felt ALONE.