Photographic memory

Is one of those methods and ways of storing of whom all people dream. Has looked - and "photographed." This method well turns out at eydetikov, at which by nature bright images. Eydetik does not recollect at the answer that was on a picture, and as though continues to see. If the pupil without bright images to ask: "How many was windows in the house or how many subjects laid on a table? "- he will answer:" I was not in time to count. " And eydetik will tell: "Now I will look. So... three windows, two spoons. And quot; he as though continues to see a picture, as in a photo, before itself (himself). Certainly, not always this photo turns out accurate. For this purpose we enter a scale of images. That the pupil knew, to what it is necessary to aspire.

That is some pupils the represented picture can revive, leave a plane, they can feel the Wookiee, smells. In this case we say, that there is a smooth transition to other methods - to revival, transformation, sooschuscheniyu.

Interesting feature is shown by children at ability to such kind of memory. If slides to show them one behind another at remembering they can see them at once together, on one screen. But there are more 7-10 slides. On this ability we have constructed exercise with imposing of two pictures. Two pictures are shown. The pupil in the imagination should combine them. And the problem dares only in the event that two pictures are really imposed on the internal screen.

You see, how the sportsman jumps through a lath. Answer a question: whether takes the sportsman height?

In an ideal, probably, it is necessary to aspire to such result about which tells Ira (15 years):

    "At examination I have pulled out the ticket on which did not know the answer as this theme has not had time to repeat. I already wished to rise and leave, having received the two. But suddenly before me "originated" the abstract. I "watched" on it also copied formulas and offers. It saw so accurately, that there was no difference between visible and real. I all time was afraid, as though it has not disappeared earlier, than I will copy all. To me have put an excellent estimation. Later I have told to the friends about it, but they have not believed, - have decided, that I have simply learnt by heart geometry. Each schoolboy dreams of such memory but very few people really owns it - from here and disbelief. And quot;

It is necessary to add only, that it is possible not to wait stresses that abilities to this kind of memory were showed. It is possible to train purposefully her day by day as train the abilities musicians, sportsmen, artists.

An interesting feature of the show with the ability of children to this kind of memory. If the slides show them one after the other, remembering that when they can see them at once together on one screen. But no more than 7.10 slides. In this capacity we have built an exercise with the superposition of two images. Showing two pictures. Student in his imagination to combine them. And the problem is solved only if the two images actually overlap in the internal screen.

You see, as an athlete jumps over the bar. Answer the question: Will the height of the athlete?

Ideally, perhaps, we should strive for such an outcome, which tells Ira (15 years):

    "At the exam, I pulled the ticket, which did not know the answer, because the subject did not have time to repeat. I've wanted to get up and leave, having received a deuce. But suddenly in front of me "emerged" synopsis. I "looked" at him, and copied the formula and suggestions. He saw so clearly that there was no difference between appearance and reality. All the time I was afraid he might have disappeared before I rewrite. I was given an excellent evaluation. Later I told my friends about it, but they did not believe - have decided that I just memorize the geometry. Every schoolboy dreams of such a memory, but few who really owns it - hence the lack of faith."

need only add that you can not wait for stress to manifest the capacity for this type of memory. It may be targeted to train every day, as their ability to train musicians, athletes, artists.