Power: fun and poisons

Unfortunately, by present time are not created yet a miracle foodstuff or substances in the form of pills which would allow to avoid forgetting or could increase efficiency of memory. At present the best strategy, to which should adhere to achieve memory optimum performance, the balanced food allowance allowing a brain to receive nutrients necessary for it in enough and the corresponding kind is. In certain clinical cases reception of medical products is recommended, but is always strict under the doctor's instruction.


As a result of application of the balanced diet the brain will receive following substances: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and mineral salts. However, despite the fact that what these elements are required for normal functioning of a brain, the statement that the more them arrives in an organism, the is incorrect better. Actually balanced food already comprises all substances necessary for eutrophy of a brain.

  • Proteins. Like other substances, consist of the amino acids which are basic elements for creation of molecules, nervous impulses participating in transfer. Despite the fact that what sometimes is considered the best way out direct reception of amino acids, we believe it absolutely inexpedient in the absence of the doctor's instruction as uncontrollable reception of these preparations can lead to dangerous consequences. Much more preferably the balanced food allowance in which are included meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetables which will provide a brain with enough necessary for it syrja.
  • Carbohydrates. Are necessary for maintenance of activity of a brain as supply with its energy, moreover, play the important role in synthesis of neurotransmitters. Carbohydrates contain in cereals, vegetables and greens, macaroni, rice and bread, and also in sugar. Despite the fact that what the brain requires a sugar significant amount, from 180 to 200 grammes of glucose daily, it is not necessary to accept it too much. The organism synthesises own glucose, therefore its additional consumption in the form of lumpy sugar or the sweetened drinks will not improve productivity pamjati.
  • Fats. Are necessary for correct functioning of intercellular membranes without which there would be impossible a saturation of a brain by oxygen, despite the bad responses recently appearing in a press, that is on appeals to exclude fats from a dietary food. It is necessary to consider, that a human body not in a condition to synthesise separate kinds of fats and fat acids which are the important elements and Vitamins should be entered into a food allowance in the form of oils vegetative proishozhdenija.
  • Shortage of vitamins can have heavy consequences for brain functioning, however if the person takes vitamins, their superfluous quantity will not promote greater to efficiency of memory. Therefore, except for cases of vitamin insufficiency, it is not recommended to accept vitamin additives for improvement of activity of memory. It is necessary to note value of vitamin B for good functioning of a brain. Its deficiency can lead to fatal consequences. Vitamins A, With and D render essential value on memory activity that is caused them antioxidant svojstvami.
  • Mineral salts. Iron, calcium and phosphorus are necessary for brain functioning, especially, but in limited kolichestve.


Other substances can have harmful influence on memory activity. It - caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and tranquilizers.

  • Caffeine. Contains in the coffee, freshening drinks of type of cola and tea. Though also it is known, that it is a good stimulator of activity of a brain, that its excessive use for the various reasons complicates storing processes also is doubtless. Accepted in small doses, caffeine can promote prolongation of a condition of wakefulness. However at increase in a dose caffeine influence will lead to increase of irritability and attention dispersion, that in turn negatively will be reflected in process of storing (training). On the other hand, the caffeine overabundance will lead to that the dream of the person becomes uneasier, its infringements are possible. In a dream the basic operations on training and storing ( «are carried out; Training in a dream», with. 80). Hence, surplus of this substance in a human body will lead to infringement of process of mastering of the new information not only during wakefulness, but also during time sna.
  • Nicotine. Nicotine usually gets To a human body at inhalation of a tobacco smoke. It is a question of quickly operating exciting substance. However the smoker with the experience receives paradoxical influence. Feeling necessity to support certain level of nicotine in blood, he feels anxiety, when this level below the habitual. As a result the smoker is compelled to inhale a cigarette smoke for an equilibration of the maintenance of nicotine in blood, simultaneously testing pressure easing. It is necessary to add, that nicotine reduces oxygen level in blood that is very harmful to all nervous cages, and especially for nervous cages of a brain. However some researches, for example Warburton, Rusteda and Fovlera, have shown, that nicotine has positive influence on activity of memory and improves attention. As these researches were spent among smokers, improvement in sphere of informative activity can be connected with paradoxical influence nikotina.
  • Alcohol. Frequently alcohol is used for overcoming of sincere excitement or feeling of melancholy. However it is impossible to consider similar strategy useful as the superfluous use of alcohol leads to that at the person inability to storing of the new information, anterograde an amnesia ( «develops; Anterogradnt amnesia», with. 47), difficulties of orientation in time and in space, hallucination. Having oppressing influence on central nervous »the system, alcohol are caused at the beginning by sensation of euphoria, however then leads to the general reduction of all informative functions; in a final stage the person runs into an unconsciousness and then in whom. Abusing alcohol can provoke for a long time occurrence of irreversible consequences for activity pamjati.
  • Tranquilizers. Are used only under the doctor's instruction in quality ansioliticheskih and sleeping medicines for the control over sincere excitement and improvement of activity of memory. However it is necessary to remember, that their use should be systematic as is not strategy for improvement of process of storing. More likely on the contrary, it is not excluded, that tranquilizers complicate processes of mastering of the information. Their excessively sedative character promotes reduction of impellent activity, decrease in its coordination, occurrence of difficulties of concentration of attention and memory frustration. Reception these of preparations can lead to development of an insignificant amnesia within several hours after medical product reception. Tranquilizers complicate process of reception of the information and interfere with its preservation in long-term memory. Therefore it is not recommended to resort to them when it is required to relax in the course of training if, of course, is not present medical predpisanija.