Usually at an estimation of the pathologies affecting activity of memory, participate following experts:

- neuropsychologist. Its problem consists in specification of degree of deficiency of informative abilities and definition of the general condition of functions of the higher nervous activity. Nejropsihologichesky diagnostics also should estimate degree of possible defeat of professional abilities, and also intellectual and social capacity of the patient, and besides it - accompanying emotional characteristics of the person. Moreover, the doctor-nejropsiholog carries out procedure neuropsychological rehabilitations.

- The Neuropathologist. Explains the memory impairment reasons, and also presence of others, probably subject to treatment or reversible complications. Carries out neurologic diagnostics and appoints course of treatment by means of medical products and biological means.

- The Psychiatrist. Estimates emotional consequences and psychiatric complications. Defines use of the medical products applied in psychiatric practice for the control over possible changes of behaviour of the patient. Considers a question on necessity of rendering assistance in the conditions of a hospital.

Thus the family should become a member of a command of professional doctors. Therefore would be pertinent that members of a family participated in decision-making on such questions as hospitalisation or out-patient treatment. At the same time the family should be informed on the diagnosis, its possible consequences, existence of possible kinds of treatment and degree of their efficiency.