Practice shows, that it is necessary to train accuracy and speed of reproduction. Experts have an opinion that that was badly perceived is badly recollected. The conclusion that it is necessary to study correctly to perceive the information from here follows, critically it to comprehend, rationally to repeat. And then, remembering the main thought, it is possible to restore and all maintenance. However these councils are good only for the intellectual information. And what to do, when you can not recollect a name of the person or you remember a name, but you can not recollect phone, street, the house (though till this moment well knew)? All suddenly takes off from memory and you cannot concentrate. In these cases advise "to strain the attention", "to search pushing the signs", "to search for similar area of knowledge. Whether but these councils will help the lawyer who has lost the contract, the mistress, hidden it is not known where money, to a victim who is not remembering signs of the criminal, the student at the examination, forgotten houses crib?

We could help the lawyer, - he has seen the contract before eyes and has recollected the sum which should pay, the mistress to recollect a place where has put the money, suffered to recollect signs, to the student to see the textbook before eyes and it is good to pass examination. But in all these cases they did opposite to those councils of psychologists which we just mentioned. They did not strain memory and associative thinking, and on the contrary, have tried to relax, forget completely about the problems, to plunge into an easy somnolence and to wait, when there will be spontaneous images when the perception threshold when the consciousness ceases to supervise work of our intelligence rigidly will decrease. Then from under consciousness the first hints, gleams of the information necessary to us will emerge. Present such picture: in an office at the inspector to the victim speak:

    "Try to remember signs of criminals, tensed, recollect details. Well! It is very important!"

He wants, but it is impossible. And the more strongly wants, the worse result. Stirs effect of intention! And we do opposite: - we include pleasant, quiet music, we suggest to relax conveniently in an armchair and to forget about all on light for some minutes. Our consciousness as the lake surface, calms down and on its surface is easy to distinguish even slybye reflexions of the forgotten. If the mistress who has hidden the houses money, tried to recollect feverishly where it could hide them, tried to restore a course of the thoughts at our approach she should refuse logic calculation of possible variants and simply leave in calmness, serenely rock on a surface of lake and distant, to look through that ill-starred day, as a film on the screen, minute behind a minute, a shot behind a shot.

So, effective recall is a correct choice of strategy: to strain or relax, is speculative to touch various variants or to be given to contemplation and to wait, when from depth of our subconsciousness the necessary information will emerge on a surface. Experience speaks for the last. One of ways of remembering by means of burning in a flame of a candle of a picture and forgetting that it is necessary to recollect, you will find more low in the method description of forgetting.