A regress Method (from an armour. Regressus - return movement) differs from a method of autobiographical memory. At autobiographical memory we use well-known to us events, have taken place with us, with friends, with the state. We only concern these events, not going into details, not worrying them emotionally. As though we look through a calendar. They should be significant for us or for history. Otherwise we would not fix them in memory. At regress not recollected events are necessary to us new, earlier. We as though search for a treasure, not knowing, on what we will come across. At regress we can recollect a real trifle, but it can become island on which we will want to be late and go through anew a meeting with lost time. These meetings are always emotionally painted. We do not look through a calendar of our life, and we go on a planet of our childhood and we meet face to face a life, it is suspicious to us the acquaintance. The regress condition can be so deep, that the adult person feels the child and shows forms of children's thinking. When he feels three-year, and it ask: "How call your mum?", he answers:" Mum! tell, clouds live, trees live?" he answers: "clouds live, they move, trees - not live! "the adult person on the first question always names a name of mother, the second question answers antithetically. So, at this method, we not simply recollect the childhood, and again it we worry, as in reality, and sometimes and more brightly. If I ask the person who is not owning this method, what it did 5 years ago, this day, at three o'clock in the afternoon? He, for certain, will not answer. The pupil owning regress, will describe this day hour after an hour. Though earlier never it recollected. This ability to reproduce age before 3 4 years is a little studied. But in it - a key to a solution of secrets of memory. Why, one people possess bright images and easily run into regress and can recollect even knock Cerda mothers when still were at it in a womb, and others - cogitative type, cannot see as in reality, and are content with memoirs on photos, under stories of grandmothers, on pushing associations. And only the stress, meditation, hypnosis slightly open to you the forgotten world which had once such power over you. Who protects a door in the lost world, and whether it is necessary for us there?

At mastering by this method it is desirable to use quiet music, and ability to spend a relaxation. As soon as the pupil can recollect itself in 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and even in one-two year, thus to recollect new events, instead of known earlier it has seized regress, and together with it, and reserves of the memory. We already said in the beginning, that it is more difficult to learn to recollect, instead of to remember.