This method well develops imagination and figurative thinking. Experiments show: the representations are brighter, the occurs delayed recall is easier. So, Nick Kasumova has recollected the list from 300 words in three years. And could reproduce it in a direct and return order. For these years she had not to repeat words never. For convenience we have entered the scale of images similar to those that German psychologist E. Jensh in the thirties has offered. Yensh, as is known, is the founder of the doctrine about eydetizme, asserting, that eydetizm - a natural stage of children's development and that the peak of development of imagination is necessary for 11-16 years. On an example of geometrical figures it is possible to see, how storing tactics varies at use of this method. The pupil of 11 years tells:

    "When I look at the CIRCLE, it turns to the HEAD of the boy. The boy somewhere looks and has thus extended the NECK is a RECTANGLE. I see SHOULDERS are a SQUARE further. The SMILE is a TRIANGLE. The fallen asleep figures by means of revival turn to the smiling boy.

In the book "Storing of persons and names" we have applied this method for memorizing-tion a considerable quantity of names. Representation car-Tinoco, drawn hu-dozhnikom does zapomi-nanie involuntary also does not demand repeated repetition.

Well this method has proved and at storing of historical dates. Developing ability to visualisation, pupils are moved apart memory borders. An example of our pupil:

    - I should remember time of reign of Ivan Groznogo (1533-1582). I represent, to what subjects of figure are similar. 1 it is possible to lower, as a millenium I will not confuse. One of achievements of the tsar - creation of the first printing house in Moscow, therefore I represent 5 typographical PRESS, 33 - book PAGES under a press press.

Other events of this terrible time - mass reprisals. Therefore at me 8 - the EXECUTIONER, 2 - the PERSON in a lap. Recollecting a picture, I easily then recollect dates.

Present before itself some pictures illustrating historical dates, and you should not recollect these dates painfully. And if these pictures will be drawn not by the artist, and imagination of pupils the effect will be double. This method will well serve you at lessons in school.