Is considered an axiom, that "repetition - mother teaching. Above we already described experiment in which this position has not proved to be true. So it is possible to tell, that "repetition - not mother, and the stepmother exercises. We by nature are able and should remember without cramming. And to expose repetition as the main method of storing nepustimo. It conducts us in deadlock. There are even pseudoscientific researches in which the beautiful schedules proving are drawn, that the on bigger it is necessary to remember term, the it is necessary to repeat more. As though there are no the examples denying this postulate. Researches eydetikov people with well developed abilities to visualisation and had training have shown, that special preparation, can recollect literally any day of the life. So, Marina Skuratov (17 years), Galina Logvinova (24 years) in 1992 during experiment have recollected 10 years of the life, describing it year after year, month for month, day after day. To surprise of their parents there was no limit. Thus they did not aim (many years back) to remember all these days. Under certain conditions (the stress, pharmacology, hypnosis, illness, electric stimulation of a brain, persistent training) can do it not only eydetiki or sleep-walkers (the people easily plunging into deep hypnosis), but also the people who are not possessing such abilities. Repetition can be used as twig for sinking, as last argument when already helps nothing, but in any way the basic methodical reception on which all system of training of memory keeps. Whether there is at the actor showing the memory on a scene, time for repetition of those words, figures or other information dictated from a hall? We at first routine methods of training select at children in kindergartens and schools with what they were presented with the nature, then we investigate, that has turned out or remains, and then we give out it for scientific true and we impose to a society as norm. Thus we prefer not to notice, how not ordinary children and teachers resist to it.