All experts, without an exception, speak about importance of perception at storing. But how to strengthen perception? One advise: " it is More than emotions! " - others advise to apply sexual associations, the third-air a room before storing, to do more breaks, or the most important information to perceive since morning, with a fresh mind. These councils as are good, as well as are helpless. And, as a rule, nobody follows them. The interesting information, " beating on нервам", itself it is remembered. And with uninteresting as do not decorate, effect small - internal resistance to overcome difficultly. Time so, means it is necessary to search for the problem decision not outside, and from within.

In March, 1987 in " Center Ejdos" such experiments have been made. During a session of hypnosis the following installation was given to pupils: " Present, that you just were born. Now you will open eyes and look at a table. That lays on a table, you will see for the first time. These subjects to you will be незнакомы… " Thus the experimenter scattered the most trivial subjects on a table: pencils, writing-books, vials, the book, tables for storing, photos of schoolmates etc. In experiment 15 persons at the age from 14 till 16 years participated. Here report Тани which was characteristic for all:

    - Having opened eyes, I have seen the subjects unfamiliar to me laying on a table. Felt thus the child just born on light and perceiving all in wonder. This effect неузнавания lasted 20-30 seconds. Then these sensations have disappeared, there was only a surprise. Especially I wish to note extraordinary brightness of not learnt subjects. I looked and could not understand, formulate, that before me. When subjects have got the familiar form, this superbrightness, the luminescence of subjects has disappeared. It is surprising, as in one dark blue jeans thread it is possible to see so much shades.

It is necessary to notice, that this effect was present only at the people well entering into a hypnotic condition. Subsequently it has been many times repeated, but already without hypnosis, by means of auto-training, a relaxation, various forms of meditations. The effect of superimpression is present all some tens seconds, but it is quite enough of it to use it for increase of an overall performance of our intelligence. If we encounter any reception giving though some percent of a gain of efficiency in study, is already a find. It should be kept, it is necessary to speak about it. This reception is good for using, when has got tired, when the teaching material is boring, when there is not enough time, and you already should leave to a school board when you get tired of habitual conditions and it would be desirable to look at all in a new fashion.

It is necessary to notice, that " to look on-novomu" it is possible to art type of people - at whom good, bright imagination by nature, or that who has well mastered auto-training or meditation receptions. In cogitative type of people this effect to cause more difficultly and this method to use is not recommended.

The Lesson passes as follows. Subjects on a table in advance prepare. Pupils occupy convenient poses in an armchair. Pleasant, quiet music joins, the teacher gives formulas of a relaxation and on this background does suggestion on сверхзапечатление. Children love more, when they give them installation that aliens or scouts. In the end it is underlined, that they can take advantage of this reception, without the teacher. Two-three employment it is enough, that the effect was showed and pupils have believed in its effectiveness.