Search for meaning

Imagine, that it is necessary to learn and remember in a certain order of 15 letters:


It would be possible to repeat simply them about itself and to try to remember in the mechanical image all alphabetic number. It has been established, that the important role at - is necessary to information structure, therefore try to apply some methods. For example, say all letters thus as though they made one word though this task will be difficult enough. Can take advantage of more difficult strategy, ordering letters so that there was possible a creation of an alphabetic number, easier for pronouncing in which vowels and consonants would alternate, for example:


This sequence, undoubtedly, it is easier to say and, undoubtedly, it is easier for storing. Moreover, division of an alphabetic number into smaller units is possible:


It considerably will simplify storing. However in some hours can come forgetting information. But if to consider, that from these letters it is possible to generate a phrase of the following maintenance:


storing, undoubtedly, will be stronger, and forgetting - less probable. Such the best and major strategy of ordering of the information known to us, undoubtedly, is: giving of sense to that it is necessary to remember.

The Sense influences memory at all levels. People remember the information much better if that they remember, has for them certain sense, whether it be words, phrases, paragraphs or stories. Probably, it is easier to brain to process similar data, the information. Eventually researchers have wondered, whether can facilitate these strategy storing process only in an operating time, or they can be adapted for storing of the most different data.

Experiment with the same waiter Has been made, however this time instead of meal dummy clients have ordered flowers, animals and metal wares. Despite the fact that what in the beginning activity of the waiter was slowed down, through short time it has shown, that is capable to adapt for a new type of information and again with former efficiency to use skills which has got in an operating time at restaurant. Thus it has been confirmed, that ordering (organisation) of the information is very useful strategy for simplification of process of remembering, irrespective of a type of data which are required to be recollected. Than we remember more ordered and simplified information, its process of remembering will be especially simple.

Further we will consider some examples which will show how it is possible to improve memory activity in a daily life by means of several simple strategy.