Similar feelings

The Method sooschuscheny allows to strengthen your representations. It is known, that at musicians happens "colour hearing", they see colour of music. Such abilities composers Skryabin, Chiurlionis possessed. Happen Similar feelings and in a dream. For example, the rain dreams you, and you hear, how drops knock on glass, catch a smell of the beaten dust on road and as the wet clothes stick to a body. You even can feel pressure of muscles. All it is called similar feelingsmi. They can be full if appear simultaneously, or incomplete, as in a case with "colour hearing. Often pupils ask: "How to develop force of images? "from our experience follows, that the best way for this purpose-development sooschuscheny. Ability to cause and eliminate them at the desire gives the power over the world of images.

The example of the journalist of the Shereshevsky, easily remembering word of any language unfamiliar to it Is interesting. It transformed words in similar feelings and felt thus a roughness, taste, colour, a smell, a sound of a represented image. Tanya elephant in 16 years by means of this method has remembered 70 figures. To it dictated figures, and it sat blindly and represented their cut out on glass. When she answered, mentally spent fingers on glass and recollected figures. This method is present at all our books, but most of all in "Tactile memory" and "Olfactory memory".