Surviving event: the question of division

Present, that somebody tries to rent apartment and already has visited some similar apartments. In one fine day it gets to one of apartments and feels that this place is familiar to it in spite of the fact that never happened here earlier. The more attentively he looks narrowly at details, the more this place seems to it acquaintance. Moreover, the person starts to think, that in the past of veins in this place, and even it seems to it, that he learns in this apartment of line of dwelling of the relatives. During this moment it seems to it, that he worries a certain situation repeatedly. This phenomenon has received the name «déjà vu» or «already seen earlier».

It is a question of a situation connected with processes of memory which result is occurrence of effect, opposite to effect «Word findings on a tip of language», when the person has the stored information and has no a key for its extraction . At «déjà vu» the individual possesses a key for extraction of data of insignificant importance. As though the registrar has found the new book on which one of its identification labels is already pasted on the desktop, he could think, that this document was is taken from one of book shelves, instead of is the new material received from the outside. Undoubtedly, gluing of an old label on the new book - this involuntary action of the registrar, possibly, maybe, it there was a simple negligence.

In the same way the situation which actually is absolutely new and unfamiliar can seem to our memory well-known. The information which was not archived earlier, is restored thus as though it belonged to a warehouse in which there are data for long storage when actually it belongs to storehouse of the information received touch by. Neuroscientists find communication between «déjà vu» and influence of overfatigue and inconsistency of activity of nervous system.

Again receives the proof that fact, that manufacture of memoirs is affected by various conditions: presence in memories of already stored information and access to it. Despite occurrence of such rare phenomena, as «a word on a tip of language» and «déjà vu», usually presence and availability are those characteristics which simultaneous realisation is a necessary condition for realisation of correct reproduction of memoirs. Access to the stored material - This action which in higher degrees is identified with reproduction of memoirs.