System "Viewing, questions and 3 reading" (VQ3R)

This system of mnemonic is the most difficult method from all known by the present moment. It is a question of storing of the big texts, since in advance certain series of steps. The method is used with thematic lectures, records or information any kind, enough extensive and possessing sense. It is possible to find out this system under other names which there is a great variety: SQ3R, PQR4, PQRST, etc. Names consist of the first letters of the words designating consecutive steps: viewing, a question, reading, the detailed story and viewing, a question, structure and, of course, check. Substantive provisions of these systems are identical, distinction consists that authors distribute in their various image.

We will consider the system which name is an approximate translation from English of the name of system EP3L. PVZCH is the abbreviation designating sequence of following steps: viewing, questions and 3 readings. We will see, how this system will function at studying of the head of the book.

  • Viewing. Pay attention to an index, headings and a graphic material. It is a question of that during several minutes to receive the general representation about full volume of the information intended for studying. In many books in the end of each chapter or section there is a summary. Fast reading of it the resume can become a basis for creation of a card of data into which fragments which will be studied will enter.
  • Questions. Analyse the new text and formulate questions on its maintenance:

That you interests most of all? With what it can be connected? What information is new? This step is directed on maintenance of attention and first of all on giving of sense of the information from which it is necessary to work.

- 3 readings. In the beginning read all chapter, nothing underlining and not doing records. When finish each section then, and not earlier, underline the most, important information. The most widespread error which is done by students, consists in underlining during 1st perusal when they cannot make an estimation of the maintenance of all text yet. It leads to that underlined there is an information which is not possessing the importance, or to the admission of the important information.

On perusal of the text it is necessary to spend a greater quantity of time, about half from total. The basic accent should be made on storing. It is a question of reading and mental retelling read, reception of answers to earlier set questions, creation of associations and an establishment of communications between various blocks of the information.

At 3rd reading there is a text viewing. Each time after the termination of a working session do fast viewing of the information. In the course of reading carry out the analysis, choosing, what parts are already remembered, and over what it is necessary to work still.