This method is applied in that case when it is necessary to transform an image represented by you: black-and-white to transform in colour, flat - in volume, small - in big IT The method well helps at storing of hieroglyphs. The pupils who have seized this method, will not write out any more foreign words on cards, to carry them with themselves in the underground and constantly to repeat. It is enough to transform once in the imagination a hieroglyph that it was remembered for all life. An example of our pupil:

On an example of geometrical figures representation strategy varies.

Turns and breaks, running into a stone.

The transformation Method can be applied and to storing of persons. Here an example taken from our book "Storing of persons and names." An example of our pupil:

    - Before me a photo of the person with the big ears. I represent them bulged even more. It turns out it is ridiculously and well remembered. At artists it is called to make a cartoon, a caricature, that is to beat in drawing of feature of the person, character of the person, something to exaggerate, something to underestimate.

The Imagination of pupils does not know borders. They here is how use this method at storing of figures. The figure of the sportsman is thus transformed.