Types of medication

In connection with existence of wide scale of the clinical reasons causing frustration of memory, it is very difficult to tell Kinds of medicamentous treatment in the general words about medicamentous kinds of treatment. In any case it is important to focus attention that by the present moment there is no the medical means which action would be directed exclusively on increase of efficiency of memory. However, if it would be possible to cure some conditions causing deficiency of memory, for example, to cure depression by means of energizers, the problems of memory connected with development of this condition would disappear.

In any case the choice of corresponding treatment always appears the difficult decision accepted in the face of problems of extreme importance, such as a traumatism or insanity, therefore it should be accepted group of experts, instead of one doctor and pathologies of vascular system.

In many cases when there is a brain damage, before the beginning of treatment by means of medical means situation development already after trauma drawing is necessary to take the Traumatism into consideration.

The Majority of psychopharmacological means are the sedative means suppressing consciousness, attention and motivation that complicates rehabilitation process. Many of these preparations are antiepileptic means. Antipsychotics and benzodiaziny reduce plasticity of neurons, that complicates restoration of functions. Psychopharmacological preparations influence the amazed brain, than on the healthy more effectively. Taking into account all listed factors, and also the decision accepted by group of experts, in some cases appointment to the patient of medical preparations, possibly, will be expedient. Usually doctors appoint psychostimulators, precursors and to paminergicheskie agonists, antiepileptic means and mood stabilizers.

Various kinds of senile weak-mindedness

Data are now categorized time are applied medical products, which if do not cure weak-mindedness effectively enough detain progressing loss of functions. Similar treatment with success is used at an Alzheimer's disease, and also other kinds of weak-mindedness. Usually, appoint following means: tacrine (tacrina), possessing high hepatic toxicity, donepetsil, rivostigmin and others acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, stimulating cholinergic the activity, operating with means of acetylcholine or as acetylcholine.