When we start to pay attention to forgetting?

Usually people pay attention that do not remember any information or forget with ease, not understanding why so occurs. It is known, that bad functioning of memory can be caused the reasons of various character.

Brain Defeat

memory Damage - one of the most frequent symptoms of a different kind of damages of a brain which can be a consequence of a trauma of a skull, a brain infection, such as virus encephalitis, a heart attack of a brain, senile weak-mindedness, usual process of ageing or mental disease.

Wrong application of strategy

Difficulty of storing can be caused wrong application of corresponding strategy of codification, registration and information recognition. In most cases deficiency can be small, its consequence there will be an insignificant social unfitness. Moreover, in these cases training to mnemonic strategy ( «Technicians memory», with. 62) can yield really surprising results.

Heavy diseases

If displays of frustration heavier, memory blackouts can become the big problem or even to lead to full incapacity of the person, consultation of the expert as restoration of neuropsychological functions is very difficult process which should be carried out according to features of each concrete case in this case is necessary.

It is possible, if for the person it has not been diagnosed neurologic frustration, it did not transfer craniocereberal traumas, has not been subject to problems of the dvigatelno-basic device, it does not have mental diseases and to it 60 years were not executed yet to worry does not follow. It is possible to assert with confidence, that the arisen problems with memory easily eliminated and are not heavy.